The Tendon Clinic

Tendons are the structures that attach our muscles to bones in order to move our joints. They are living tissue, and as such are vulnerable to injury, either through overuse or direct trauma. It is critical to act upon and treat tendon pain early, as left too long it can significantly impact on our lives, whether it be walking the dog, hampering your marathon training, or even affecting your ability to do your job on a daily basis.

Importantly the vast majority of tendon problems do not require surgery, yet end up under the care of an orthopaedic consultant. For the first time in the region, The Tendon Clinic brings together a group of clinicians with wide experience in elite sport (including GB Basketball, Premiership rugby, football, UK athletics and county cricket) and expert skills in diagnosing and treating tendon conditions.


An initial assessment with Dr James Noake, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine at The Chelmsford involves a 30 minute consultation and examination, exploring the background to the injury, possible causes including underlying medical conditions and its relation to physical activity and sports participation. High resolution ultrasound scanning is undertaken at the same appointment, the ‘gold standard’ for tendon injury diagnosis and for directing on-going treatment. Dr Noake is also able to undertake a variety of guided injections to help reduce inflammation and pain in preparation for on-going rehabilitation.


The Tendon Clinic also has at hand the expertise of a sports podiatrist, who can provide further biomechanical input including gait analysis, footwear advice and prescribe custom orthotics (in-soles) if it is felt that they can help with injury recovery and preventing future recurrence.


Conditions treated by the Tendon Clinic include:

  • Tennis and Golfers elbow
  • Achilles and patella tendinitis (“Jumpers knee”)
  • Rotator cuff, high hamstring, tibialis posterior, peroneal tendinitis
  • Partial ruptures or tears


Patients are welcome to call or email to discuss their injury and discover whether they may benefit from visiting The Tendon Clinic.

Packages are available for self funding patients and the team is recognised by all major insurance companies

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