Acupuncture is an alternative therapy used to help alleviate pain and certain medical conditions. The treatment involves very small, sterile needles being inserted into specific points on the body. Acupuncture is often beneficial in the treatment of a range of conditions from sports injuries, back & neck problems to migraines. The effects of acupuncture are different for each patient;

  •  Pain relief – Some people may notice some immediate pain relief but it can require 3 or more treatment sessions
  • Improved sleep – The majority of people notice that following acupuncture treatment they sleep longer and the quality of their sleep is better
  •  Relaxation – Acupuncture is a very good relaxant
  •  Well-Being – Acupuncture can make you feel both physically and mentally better and has been known to increase energy levels

The initial consultation last 45 minutes and follow up appointments, 30 minutes.
The first consultation assesses the patient’s condition to ensure that no further investigations are required. Once the condition has been identified, the acupuncturist will explain the treatment plan and start the treatment. The number of treatment sessions required will vary from person to person, with 6-8 being the average.

Acupuncture Consultants

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