Treatment Options for Pain


Acupuncture is an alternative therapy used to help alleviate pain and certain medical conditions. The treatment involves very small, sterile needles being inserted into specific points on the body. Click here for more information.



Neuromodulation is a form of pain relief used to treat and enhance quality of life in patients who suffer severe chronic illness due to persistent pain, movement disorders, bowel and bladder dysfunction, spinal injury. Click here for more informaiton.


Pain management

Bringing together several different disciplines, Pain Management is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the ease the suffering and improvement in the quality of life of patients living with acute or chronic pain. Click here for more information.


Pain medication

For mild back or neck pain, over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication and gentle exercise will provide relief in the vast majority of cases. Our pain management consultants or physiotherapists can advise on these treatments.



Physiotherapy uses a range of techniques to help improve movement and function where parts of the body have suffered injury, illness or other disability. Click here for more information.


Podiatry / Gait Analysis

Podiatry is the branch of medicine concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions and symptoms relating to the foot, the ankle and the lower limb. Click here for more information.


Qutenza Patch Treatment

This treatment – nicknamed the “Chilli Patch” – is a patch which delivers a medicine through the skin. The patch contains a substance called capsaicin which is found naturally in chilli peppers. Click here for more information.


Structured, self-management support for pain conditions

Mild back pain can often be relieved by changing daily habits. Whilst it is common for patients to rest in bed, medical research suggests this is not the best option. Patients attending The Chelmsford are often advised to try gentle exercise such as swimming or walking, coupled with good stretching afterwards. For many lower back pain sufferers, losing weight is often a part of curing back problems. Our consultants and specialist therapists can provide advice in all these areas, helping patients to manage themselves to recovery.

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