Knee Problems

A trauma, injury or disease affecting the ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones inside the knee joint may cause a variety of problems. These can include discomfort, inhibited movement, stiffness, swelling, locking of the knee joint, instability or a “clicking” sound from the joint. Any one of these issues can make managing daily activities difficult or disrupt your favourite hobbies. Because of that, it is important that one seeks medical advice as to whether conservative treatment or surgical treatment is needed.

Whatever your symptoms may be, we can offer comprehensive diagnostic tests, advice and treatment for every type of knee condition including dislocation of the kneecap, ligament or cartilage injury and different types of arthritis. With our highly trained orthopaedic physicians and knee surgeons you are in great hands throughout the process of seeking medical and any surgical treatment, including (if needed) a complete knee replacement.

The services available include fast and effective diagnostic imaging or screening of your knee to support an early diagnosis. This may include using the very latest MRI scanning facilities and ultrasound, or conventional X-rays. When clinically indicated we can also use minor diagnostic procedures to assist with an accurate diagnosis. Referred to as an arthroscopy, this procedure involves inserting a tiny telescopic camera into the knee joint to make clearer what the problem is.

Once a diagnosis has been made, our orthopaedic physicians and surgeons can recommend any follow-up treatment that you may need. These could include physiotherapy, conventional management, or state-of-the-art surgical techniques such as keyhole surgery, joint replacement or joint preservation surgery.

Our team also works very closely with our musculoskeletal physiotherapists to help you recover as quickly as possible.

At The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital, Essex we treat all kinds of knee injuries, not just the ones you may have read or heard about. If there is anything else in this area that we have not mentioned, then please call us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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