Urology is the area of medicine that deals with the urinary tract in both men and women, and the reproductive system in men. The urinary tract refers to the organs and tubes involved in the production and passing of urine.

Some examples of conditions that are diagnosed and treated within a urology department include;

  • Problems passing urine:

Blood in urine
Urine infections
Urgency or frequency

Some of the procedures carried out to diagnose and treat patients with urology complaints include;

  •  Interstitial Cystitis
  •  Pelvic pain syndrome
  •  Urological stone disease
  •  Kidney stones
  •  Renal cancer
  •  Pelvic and urological cancer
  •  Prostate cancer screening
  •  PSA screening (a blood test)
  •  Scrotal lumps and bumps
  •  Laparoscopy
  •  Laparoscopic nephrectomy
  •  GreenLight PVP laser procedures
  •  Prostate surgery

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