Nutrition and dietetics

We provide evidenced based dietary advice and support on all areas where an improvement in your diet can bring an improvement in your health and wellbeing:

  • Weight loss (tailor made advice on losing weight that is achievable and sustainable). Our Dietitian is trained in the dietary management of the four different types of Bariatric surgery (balloon, band, bypass and sleeve). She provides both the pre and post op dietary advice and long term advice on weight loss and weight management.
  • Sports nutrition advice (evidenced based advice, on appropriate sports nutrition tailored to the individuals sport and training programme, advice to help improve sports performance and recovery, advice for sports where weight gain or loss is required, advice on the appropriate use of ergogenic supplements).
  • Manage diet-related conditions:
  • Diabetes– dietary advice for type II diabetes.
    Lipid/Cholesterol lowering advice-using the ultimate cholesterol lowering diet.
    Inflammatory bowel disease-Crohn’s disease, using the LOFFLEX diet.
    Nutrigenomics– involves a screen of your DNA for certain genetic variations that have been shown to affect how people respond to nutrition and lifestyle factors. A screen will identify if there are any gene variations and if related action is recommended. From this information you may be able to make nutrition and lifestyle changes that complement your genetic profile in order to maintain and improve your well- being. (There is an additional fee for this consultation)

At the first consultation we talk through the changes you want to achieve on your health and nutrition.  We discuss your medical history and any treatments you are receiving that may affect your nutrition.

In preparation for the consultation we ask you to keep a record your daily diet.  We also look at your lifestyle, to understand the demands you are making on your body.  We complete a nutrition assessment, and use it to highlight any areas of concern.  From this we give you practical recommendations to help you improve your nutrition and reach your health and nutritional goals.

During the consultation we talk through all your current concerns.  Usually we can give you answers straight away.  If not, we will research the answers and get back to you.

Our consultations are always a 2-way conversation.  We make sure that we understand your concerns and aims, and that you understand the advice and information we give you.  We always take the time to explain things in plain English, without obscure technical terms or medical jargon.

Our aim isn’t just to give you good advice: it’s to encourage and support you to implement that advice, so that you can achieve the changes you want.

We help people to:

  •  achieve lasting weight loss and provide dietary advice and support for those undergoing bariatric procedures.
  •  achieve healthy eating
  •  manage food intolerance- coeliac disease and other medically diagnosed intolerances
  •  improve symptom control- Low FODMAP diet for IBS, LOFFLEX diet for Crohn’s disease
  •  stay healthy through pregnancy and breast feeding
  •  advice for infant and children’s nutrition
  •  reduce their risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease
  •  improve nutrition for those with a poor appetite caused by cancer or chemotherapy or swallowing difficulties
  •  manage diabetes
  •  manage their eating disorder in partnership with other professionals
  •  achieve better performance in your sport or fitness and appropriate use of ergogenic aids
  •  develop a personalised diet from a nutrigenomic screen (nutrition & genetics)

An initial consultation costs £90 and a follow-up consultation costs £70.

Nutrition and dietetics Consultants