Prices Outlined

If a patient has private medical insurance, they should check with their provider about their level of cover. Most policies cover the cost of treatment for all of the procedures described in this brochure with the exception of blepharoplasty and sometimes ptosis surgery.

We are recognised and approved by all major medical insurance companies but most insurers will require a  referral first.

For patients who do not have medical insurance but wish to self-pay, we are able to offer treatment at a comparatively low cost as we are solely a day-case facility.



An initial consultation with one of our Ophthalmic Consultants costs between £180 – £200. A follow up consultation costs between £90 – £120.

An initial consultation with an Orthoptist costs between £100 – £150.

Ophthalmic Diagnostics

A range of tests can be performed including visual field and OCT at prices ranging from £90 – £195 depending on complexity.


Cataract surgery

Prices can vary but typical cataract surgery costs £1850 – £2300 depending on the lens.


Entropion and Ectropion Surgery

The typical price for entropion or ectropion surgery is £990 – £1100.


Macular Degeneration

Consultation and diagnostic testing are required. If further treatment is needed, your options will be explained to you at that time. A rough guide to the price of one course of Lucentis is £1500 to £1800. Three to four courses of Lucentis injections are usually administered over a 4-6 month period.


Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Selective laser trabeculoplasty is a form of laser treatment used to lower the pressure in the eye for glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Unilateral treatment is from £460.


Xen Gel Implant

The Xen stent is a tiny gel tube the size of an eyelash that is inserted into the eye.  The device is placed just under the conjunctiva, which is the clear membrane that covers the white of your eye, allowing fluid to drain away therefore reducing the pressure.

Because the stent is made of gel, when it’s inserted into the eye it becomes soft and flexible and is designed to stay in the eye permanently.

The gel stent is a surgical management option for patients suffering with refractory glaucoma’s and can be performed for patients where previous surgery has been unsuccessful. Unilateral treatment is from £2995.

This procedure is carried out in Theatre by Mr Petros Andreou, one of our experienced Ophthalmic consultant.


All procedure prices above are inclusive of facility and surgical fees. For all other procedures, the fee depends on the complexity of the condition. Please call us for further information.