Ear Microsuction

Microsuction is a method of removing ear wax by using a microscope and gentle suction to remove debris from the ear canal and ear drum. It is considered a safer and more comfortable method than syringing and is generally better tolerated by the patient. 


Ear Microsuction has always been available in both NHS and Private hospitals, but now this is easily available at The Chelmsford for £80. This covers the private consultation, the ear microsuction for both ears when required, private prescription for ear medication when required and one free follow up appointment when suggested by the doctor.

Ear Micro-suction is the safest procedure for the examination and the treatment of the ear. It involves the use of a microscope and a suction machine. It is a noisy procedure but not painful in normal circumstances. It can be used for:

  • Extraction of wax and foreign bodies
  • Regular cleaning of mastoid cavities
  • Treatment of acute or chronic ear infections


Dr Mihaela Carmaciu carries out the quick and painless treatment at The Chelmsford. 


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