IC36O™ Camera

The IC36O™ camera captures mobile 360 degree, high definition videos of a patient’s face or body. Directly comparative views are taken both before and 3 months after surgery, in a specially designed photographic studio at The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital, Essex. During imaging, the patient is positioned appropriately and the camera rotates 360 degrees in a moving real-time arc. Images clearly demonstrate features of the face, breast or abdomen from which cosmetic concerns (such as signs of  ageing) can be identified. During imaging, patients are prompted to assume certain positions and expressions; images captured by the IC36O™ are therefore uniquely useful for pre and post-operative patient assessment.

The patient and surgeon are able to directly compare and contrast the results from any surgical procedure. This is vitally important in aesthetic surgery because some changes, by necessity are subtle. For a patient they keep this as a record of that stage in their lives and reinforces their decision to have the surgery. All patients who have used this technology are extremely pleased with the process and it is a very useful aid to post operative discussions.


To book an appointment please call 01245 253760 and speak with our Reception team. For just £100 you will come away with images of your 360 degree experience.