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Choosing to have breast enlargement surgery at The Chelmsford, Essex

The media portray an image of breast enlargement surgery in Essex that is very different from the reality. Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is often a subtle enhancement of the natural contours of the bust and not necessarily a dramatic change.

There are a variety of reasons that women choose to opt for the breast enlargement procedure. Some women may feel that their breasts have not developed to the size they desire, others may wish to restore breast volume after a pregnancy, breast-feeding or after losing weight. Some may want to reconstruct their breasts after a previous operation or feel that they are lacking in self-esteem or confidence due to the size of their breasts.

We have an experienced team of consultants who can help talk through your specific situation and ensure you have all the information you need to make the important and very personal decision about whether breast enlargement is the right decision for you.

Breast enlargement surgery – your FAQs answered

What can I expect before the procedure?

The consultation process will involve discussions about what you hope to achieve with breast enlargement surgery as well as the size and shape you would like for your new breasts.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the procedure as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different breast implants that are on offer. We use only reputable, high quality suppliers and FDA approved implants.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Once the general anaesthetic has taken effect, you will sleep throughout the procedure which typically takes between one and two hours. The surgeon will make a small incision, in the natural crease of skin beneath each breast. This is how the implants are inserted into the body, usually into the pockets directly behind each breast.

In some situations it may be necessary to insert the implants behind the pectoral muscle but this will be discussed in depth during the consultation.

The implants will be positioned to form the shape and size you require before the incisions are closed with stitches.

Will it be painful after surgery?

There will be some soreness and swelling and the nursing team will discuss with you how best to minimise any discomfort. However, it is rare for there to be serious pain and you should alert the hospital immediately should you experience anything of this sort.

How long should I take off work to recover?

It is advisable to take some time off work to rest and recover. However, everyone heals at a different rate. Generally, people return to work after two weeks but during the healing process, it is important to refrain from any lifting or physical exertion.

What size will my new breasts be?

This will have been decided by you before the procedure. Every individual has different ideas and requirements. Your consultant will be able to advise on the options that might work best for you.

However, do be aware that straight after surgery, due to the swelling that occurs as part of the healing process, you may not see the end result of your new breasts for a few weeks when they settle into their true size and shape.

Will I have scars after surgery?

As making incisions is part of the breast enlargement procedure, there will be scars after surgery. However, as these are positioned underneath the breasts they will not be noticeable in a bra or when you are wearing swimwear.

Gradually, with time, the scars will fade and our team can advise you on how to aid this process.

How much does the breast enlargement procedure cost?

Every person has different requirements so costs can vary. The best course of action is to book an appointment with our team to discuss your individual options

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