Personal health information

Every time you come into contact with The Chelmsford’s services, information about you, your medical treatment and family background may be recorded, on paper or on the computer, to help us provide you with healthcare services. The information forms part of your Health Care Record and will be kept in case we need to see you again.
Members of the health service that look after you may share your personal information within The Chelmsford, the NHS and our partners. Please note that ALL staff working within the NHS, The Chelmsford and our partners are bound by a strict code of confidentiality, and are regulated and monitored by the Organisation’s Caldicott Guardian.

How your records are used to help you

The staff involved in your treatment need to have access to your information to assess your health and care. Staff can use your records to assess and investigate the care you have received if required.

How your information can help us

  •  to enable us to review the care provided for you and other patients, to ensure it is of the highest quality, make sure our services can meet all patients’ needs in the future and enable the production of mandatory healthcare statistics
  •  to train healthcare professionals and support research and development
  •  to enable The Chelmsford to be paid for the care we deliver and to support the audit of accounts
  •  to support the investigation of any events or incidents that may arise.

Sharing your information

As an organisation we have a duty to protect vulnerable people. This may result in us having to share your information to protect and promote the welfare of a child or young person. Sometimes we are by law required to pass on information, e.g. when a court order is issued.

You may receive care from staff from other organisations or services (such as social services), with whom it is necessary to share information about you to enable them to work with medical staff in providing your care. Your information will only be made available if there is a genuine need for it and where your consent is needed, we will ask you.

The principle NHS partner organisations with which information may be shared are The Commissioning Sector, The Strategic Health Authority, NHS Trusts, GPs, Ambulance services and social services. If it is necessary to pass on information about you, personal details will be removed whenever possible.

Your information rights

You have the right to know how we will use your personal information. You have the right of access to your health records. You have the right to object to us making use of your information. You have the right to ask for your information to be changed, blocked or erased if the information we are holding about you is incorrect.

If you are being treated by us, you may ask to look at your health record folder. Your notes will be prepared for your viewing and a qualified member of staff will talk you through the content. You should be aware that in certain circumstances your right to see some details in your health records may be limited - for example if it would reveal third party information.

If you would like to see your health record after you leave the care of The Chelmsford, you will need to send a written request, called a Subject Access Request, to the Information Governance lead at The Chelmsford. This will incur a cost of £50 if copies are required.

Contact us

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