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“Every member of staff were always welcoming, polite and helpful in every way. Thank you so much.”


“I was made to feel extremely ‘cared for’ and have nothing but praise for Dr Mendis. Thank you”


“I just want to thank the nurses who looked after me. They were so friendly and made me feel at ease, Thank you”


“I was very apprehensive at having the MRI scan as I am very claustrophobic, but staff were amazing reassuring me through the whole procedure. I couldn’t have proceeded without Marissa holding my hand throughout the whole procedure, excellent.”


“We had been held up in traffic, so phoned to apologise and everyone was most understanding. Everyone made my stay with you as enjoyable as it was possible. Thank you for your kindness.”


“Xanthe was incredibly calming and supportive during my MRI scan.”


“From the friendliness of the staff to the actual surgery, the service has been first class. Good people that care. Thank you”


“My stay was extremely pleasant and the staff are very courteous and attentive!”


“The imaging manager, Marissa was wonderful. She was professional yet utterly supportive and very kind. Excellent!”


“I have had many procedures both in private and NHS hospitals. I have never been cared for with such patience, kindness and care. Everything was discussed clearly and at no point was I rushed. What wonderful staff you have.”


“Very Good throughout and made to feel so welcome and important. Thanks so much.”


“Thank you to Dr Mendis and all at The Chelmsford for your fantastic work and giving me a new, almost pain free life.”


“My wife and I were very impressed with the Services Apartment , it was much better and more flexible than a hotel room. The staff at The Chelmsford and the level of treatment received were First Class. I already knew the Surgeon, Dr Simon Thomson from previous treatment, but all the hospital staff could not have been more helpful and supportive. Thanks again to all.”


“Thank you so much Dianne Smart for your help and fast responses yesterday! You have been so helpful it has been a pleasure dealing with you.”


“I just wanted to write to say a big thank you to Mr Georgeu for your amazing work I am feeling a lot better now and am really happy with my new boobs they look amazing. My experience at your clinic and the care you and your staff give is second to none so a big thank you to you all. I will continue to recommend you to people as you are an amazing surgeon who made me feel very comfortable, thanks again.”


“The staff at the hospital, from the reception to nurses and doctors were outstanding. The care the nurses and theatre staff showed was very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone involved in making my visits so bearable.”


“I was very fearful and they spoke to me every step of the way, which is so important. Someone held my hand and even got me paper tissues because I was crying so much. Thank you to all the staff that looked after me. In your hospital there are lots of angels.”


“All staff were welcoming and polite.”


“It doesn’t feel like a clinic and the staff were wonderful. Every clinic should be like that. I’m extremely happy with my experience!!”


“I found my experience here very welcoming and comfortable. The lady who did my MRI scan showed me kindness and compassion. Thank you”


“Everyone was lovely and caring especially the lady I was with whilst waiting and after my procedure. (Sorry I forgot her name.) She made a nervous lady very much better. She walked me down to my daughter in such a caring way and made me feel, I was the only person there, as she did with all the other people having treatment, I thank her. Steve too was lovely, I was extremely dizzy after and he was so understanding and caring, it may be their job, but they exceed that. Thank you all!”


“Excellent experience at The Chelmsford. All staff were great, nurses so attentive and friendly the care was above expectations. Thank you so much.”


“Physiotherapy care has been excellent I would not hesitate to recommend and return in the future.”


“The Nurse in recovery was fantastic, I woke up unsure feeling sick and in pain. She stayed with me and was very reassuring. My surgeon answered all my questions and made sure I had all the information before I made my decision. A fantastic company from start to finish, would recommend to everyone.”


“I would like to extend my thanks to all the staff involved in my care. Special thanks going to all the nurses.  Your kindness has made what is a very difficult procedure all the more bearable, and I could not have carried on without your support. You will all be glad to know I am feeling much more comfortable today.”


“I think all staff at the Chelmsford are fantastic. I would also like to thank Carol McCartney for all she has done to manage my back pain.”


“This week I attended your hospital under the care of Dr Mendis for a sacroiliac injection. I can’t speak more highly of the care and attention given to me by everyone during my brief stay. Please thank them all.”


“I hated the scan, but the staff were wonderful.”


“Everyone was very supportive and explained everything fully. They worked with me very well at all times. Many thanks to everyone for their care.”


“I would just like to say a big thank you. I was treated with care and respect.”


“I was really well looked after. Thank you.”


“100% satisfaction. That is what you will get choosing the wonderful “Mr G” and The Chelmsford. I couldn’t have dreamed of better treatment and, most importantly, the results are fantastic. After years of being unhappy, I now feel like a “real” woman! A massive thank you to you all. Other than the mishap with the original double booked appointment (for which I did receive some lovely flowers), I couldn’t fault the service at all! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my new breasts and to let you know what an amazing job you did. From the start, all of the nurses – from admission to discharge – were very caring, friendly and attentive. Having never had surgery before, I was slightly worried. My main thanks to Mr Georgeu for the great work he has done. I’ve had no pain whatsoever. The shape and contour look amazing and so natural and having just taken the steri strips off I can’t believe how minimal the scarring is. It is barely visible. I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone having breast surgery. Many thanks again.”


“Radiographers were very courteous and friendly.”


“Professional and caring approach.  Patient led experience.  Well done.”


“Wonderful.  Staff very friendly.  Great sandwich.  Good results from the 1st leg.  Very very happy.”


“Great service, I was a little bit nervous, but the team made me feel at ease with everything that was going on. Many thanks.”


“Enjoyed this experience.”


“I had an absolutely fantastic experience today at The Chelmsford. The staff could not do enough for me and were extremely happy and friendly. They made me feel totally at ease. One thing I would recommend is having a choice of soups on the menu. I suffered with a dry throat after surgery and found it very difficult to eat my sandwich. Thank you again!”


“Very efficient and friendly people.”


“And if you could thank Dr Mendis & all at The Chelmsford for fantastic work and giving me a new almost pain free life.”


“Just a quick email to say thanks for your help last week with Josh who needed stitches. The assistance provided by yourself and the rest of the team at the hospital was much appreciated by all concerned at the club.” Essex County Cricket Club


“I would like to thank all the staff who looked after me during my MRI scan. They showed such kindness, warmth and understanding and were all extremely considerate. In particular, I would like to thank Carina who patiently sat with me and held my hand throughout. I could not have got through the scan without her. Heartfelt thanks to the team who looked after me today.”


“Such a  professional, friendly hospital. So clean. Very impressed.”


“My appointment was at 10.30 but I arrived at 10.15 and was instantly looked after.”


“Garrick Georgeu is very professional & very personable. I couldn’t find and still haven’t heard anything bad at all about him. I would definitely recommend him.”
“I was so amazed at just how lovely you have all been. I would recommend you to anyone. You took away my nervousness as soon as you spoke to me. Thank you so much.”
“Delightful staff (Anita). A good experience.  Thank you.”

“Julie – very friendly, efficient, on time.  MRI scan – very friendly.  The lady explained exactly what was happening to my daughter.  Receptionists – very friendly and helpful.  Thank you.”

“Thank you to all the staff that looked after me before, during and after my procedure. I was made to feel very comfortable.”
“A totally successful visit. I was made to feel very relaxed by my excellent nurse and although I was not looking forward to the procedure, every step was explained so well and the injection was painlessly administered.  A wonderfully relaxed atmosphere helped to make this visit a pleasant experience with follow-ups organised.  Full marks to all.”

“I have always been impressed with the attitude of the clinic staff.  Julie is a super, professional, kindly physio and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.  She is always positive and gives you hope and confidence.”

“Very good. I would recommend this clinic to any person who needs professional and kindly treatment.”


“Was well looked after by the staff during my stay.”


“Everyone was very nice and professional.”


“I felt quite unwell in the recovery room. The staff and nurses were excellent, very caring and kind and made me feel much better.”


“Julie Wright, Physio, is excellent. She explained in detail all the things you have to do once at home. She also explained what exactly has happened in language I understand. She is marvellous.”


“After feeling very nervous, the procedure was quick and painless. Mr Georgeu was great and explained everything very well. The nurse was excellent, very friendly and made me feel at ease. I would recommend this hospital as very efficient. Thank you very much.”


“Your receptionist, Alex, was so helpful and efficient at sorting everything out for my appointments last week and I really appreciated it. She was very understanding, a pleasure to deal with and an asset to The Chelmsford.”

“Everyone was very nice and professional.”


“Thank you to all the staff that looked after me before, during and after my procedure. I was made to feel very comfortable.”


“I was so amazed at just how lovely you have all been. I would recomend you to anyone. You took away my nervousness as soon as you spoke to me. Thank you so much.”


“Excellent service, the care was amazing. Good follow up.”


“Everyone made me feel very relaxed as I was nervous. Your whole set up is excellent.I have been to other private hospitals so I can give an honest opinion. Also no other hospital has ever phoned me afterwards to see how I was feeling.This was the icing on the cake.”


“Everything was made clear. Good, friendly, helpful staff.”


“Friendly staff, good aftercare, procedure was quick and went smoothly.”


“Professional, friendly, efficent, organised. All staff are excellent & so kind.”


“Professional, caring & sympathetic. Understanding without fussing. They seemed to know how you would feel without fretting.”


“The hospital is welcoming, the staff are really friendly and caring. The facilites are excellent.”


“I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you at The Chelmsford for looking after me so amazingly. From reception to theatres and of course Mr Georgeu (genius!), you were all so friendly and amazing. Thank you again.”


“Excellent team, made me feel so at ease! Really happy!”

“I was very nervous on the day of my operation and the nurses made me feel at ease. They helped me on the day and during aftercare.”


“Everyone was so kind and efficient and the centre is so nice if you are a little scared of hospitals.”


“Wonderful clean, modern unit, cheerful and helpful staff. Excellent treatments.”


“I cannot fault the professionalism of the staff at Chelmsford Medical Centre. The care was excellent. I would definitely recommend Mr Georgeu.”


“Excellent care, I was treated like a friend.”


“Caring staff who make you feel really relaxed.”


“Good service, pleasant surroundings and attentive. Jolly staff and very helpful.”


“The staff, particularly the medical team, were most helpful, kind and willing to explain if necessary.”


“I felt very happy firstly with the speed and ease with which the initial day case procedure was done, and then the MRI a few weeks later when there was still a residual problem. I was then very happy about the thorough and integrated approach between Dr. Mark Alexander-Williams and Julie Wright, the physiotherapist, so that through a combination of the investigations and the treatment, they arrived at a diagnosis of my back pain. I have never been anywhere else where this joined-up approach has happened. I feel I have a much better understanding of what my back condition is and how I can try to help myself in the future with appropriate exercises.”


“I would just like to thank everyone involved in the wonderful care that was given to my daughter when she came in for an MRI scan. I would like to thank your radiographer in particular, who was so kind and understanding of the situation. You have a wonderful facility and you really know how to treat people well.”


“I just had to write and thank you and your team. This is the first time in 8 years that I am able to wear a skirt / dress in the summer without feeling self-conscious of my varicose veins. It is a wonderful feeling. Thank you.”


“I shall remain eternally grateful to you for their professionalism, care and integrated approach”.


“From the time I walked into the hospital until the time I left, I could not have been looked after better. All your staff were so kind and attentive and in an era when the medical fraternity takes a lot of completely unfair criticism I thought the least I could do was to write and thank you and all the ladies who looked after me so well.”


“Because of the high quality of care and treatment I was given, I felt safe and reassured and cared for at all times. This has been the best treatment and best care I have ever received.”


“The careful explanation of the surgical procedure and aftercare removed much stress and concern whilst at the hospital”.


“Overall I was very satisfied and amazed at the cleanliness and professional feel I experienced. A very impressive and efficient service.”


“The medical team at The Chelmsford has been brilliant and I’m hoping to begin bowling again next week.”


“Being faced with surgery and feeling like I had hit a brick wall, it was suggested I try physiotherapy. Julie, one of the physiotherapists at The Chelmsford, instantly put me at ease and has quickly put me on the road to recovery. The physio sessions, coupled with a simple exercise plan and acupuncture, instantly made a vast amount of difference to my mobility. I can’t thank Julie and the team at the hospital enough.”


“The most friendly and loveliest people in their kind of profession I have ever come across, from the nurse to the anaesthetist, surgeon and recovery nurses.”


“They made an unpleasant procedure almost pleasant.”


“My nurse was wonderful. As a nervous patient, she really calmed me down and made me feel at ease.”


“All the nurses are cheerful & helpful. The radiographer was fabulous; she put me at ease & was very informative & helpful, thank you!”


“Much more relaxed than a hospital, in a good way!”


“Easy access from London makes this an excellent (and cheaper!) alternative to Harley Street”.

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