Infection control

Here at The Chelmsford, we take the prevention and control of infection very seriously.

All medical organisations are governed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are expected to adhere to a set of standards in order to maintain registration and ensure that patients and staff are protected from the risks of health care associated infection.

We are proud that no patients at The Chelmsford have suffered from a health care associated infection as a result of the care we have provided since we opened in February 2006.

We therefore have a 100% hygiene record with no cases of MRSA or C.Diff at any point during seven years of providing clinics, treatments and surgery. We ensure all our staff receive up to date training on infection prevention and control and their practise is audited to ensure the highest standards are maintained with the help of a Consultant Microbiologist and a team of Infection Control Nurse advisors.

All members of our staff should be bare below the elbows at the point of care and are expected to clean their hands before and after patient contact or their surroundings. Please feel free to ask if they have cleaned their hands if you are not sure.

Please do ask any questions you may have in relation to the prevention and control of infection.

How you can minimise your risk

  •  When you come for your appointment it is important you tell the staff assessing you if you are receiving any treatment for an infection or taking any antibiotics. High risk patients are screened for MRSA. If you are found to be a carrier, then you will be advised of the appropriate treatment prior to admission.
  •  It is advisable that all patients wash in antibacterial shower gel for 5 days before admission to reduce the risks of infection.
  •  If you know you are having a procedure which will require an incision, it is important you do not shave the site and surrounding area for at least 5 days prior to admission as this can cause tiny skin breaks which can easily become infected.
  •  Please ensure you keep warm on the day of admission, if needed bring in a dressing gown or similar to keep comfortable whilst you wait.

Contact us

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