The myths behind Varicose Veins

Anyone who suffers from varicose veins knows the feeling of heavy, tired legs which are constantly swollen and throb with pain day in day out. The only reassuring fact is you are not alone - approximately 5 million people in the UK suffer from this condition.

Mr Tom Browne, Vascular Surgeon at The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital, has treated thousands of patients over the past two decades. “It never fails to amaze me how many misconceptions there are about varicose veins. So I have compiled my ultimate list of the most popular myths:”


Myth 1 - “Have all your babies before having vein surgery!”

Not true. If you have varicose veins, have them treated before becoming pregnant as carrying a baby is difficult enough. Existing veins will make pregnancy more troublesome.


Myth 2 - “Wait for your veins to get bad before you have them done”

Not true. It is harder to get a good cosmetic and physiological result if the varicose veins are longstanding.


Myth 3 - “If you have them done it puts pressure on other veins and you get recurrence!”

Not true. The incidence of recurrence after modern treatments is low. What can happen is the veins that were working at the time of treatment can become incompetent at a later time.


Myth 4 - “My job has caused the veins!”

Not true. Certain jobs can exacerbate varicose veins but do not cause them. 


Myth 5 - “Once you’ve had them done, you can’t have them done again”

Not true, you can. However, with modern techniques the recurrence rate has dropped dramatically.


Myth 6 - “It’s very painful”

Not true. All procedures are now far less invasive, and much more finely focused. There are no big incisions, minimal bruising and early mobilisation, which contributes to a swift early return to full recovery.

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