Professor James Frame talks about the top 5 most surprising cosmetic surgery trends.

As seen online, Professor Frame's article has now reached global status with people all over the world reading and talking about the 'five most surprising cosmetic surgery trends.' 

Cosmetic procedures are now the surgery of want not need. The multi-billion dollar industry is represented on virtually all television channels and easily accessed online. Many nations have realised the potential for cosmetic tourism, which can be a significant import to a country’s GDP. 

The following are on the top 5 most surprising cosmetic surgery trends across the globe:

  • Limb lengthening in India

In a bid to improve career and marriage prospects, painful limb lengthening procedures are on the rise in India and can add as much as three inches to someone’s height.

  • South Korea: radical facial surgery

Facial surgery is widespread and used to create more V-shaped chins, smaller noses (the second most common operation, perhaps because nasal bridges in Asia tend to be flatter and it’s easy to insert implants) and to alter eye shapes.

  • Brazilian bum, tum and boobs

Brazilians lead the world in aesthetic surgery developments and ideas, from new types of breast implants to Brazilian abdominoplasty – where excess flesh is removed from the abdomen – and the famous “Brazilian butt lift”.

  • Iran: nose jobs

In a more conservative country where many women may dress more modestly, accentuating facial features can be one way to enhance beauty.

  • Western mons pubis

What is becoming more popular is Mons pubis reduction, which targets the area of skin in the pubic area. As we age, the tissues slacken and bulge and this can manifest in what has been called the “boy bulge crotch”.


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Date: 13/06/2016
By: Professor James Frame