The Neck's Big Thing For Gill

For one lady born in Chelmsford, June 22nd 2013 will be a date she won’t forget in a hurry. It was the day she said goodbye to the wrinkles around her neck and welcomed a new, more youthful look.

At 7.30am, Gill arrived at The Chelmsford (Private Day Surgery Hospital) for aesthetic surgery to her neck and face area. After extensive research, she had opted for the iGuide necklift, a minimally invasive surgical technique that produces natural looking results with minimal recovery time. The iGuide was developed by leading US Plastic Surgeon, Dr Greg Mueller and is being championed in the UK by Chelmsford’s Professor James Frame.

Gill first came across Professor Frame’s name a decade ago when her flat mate was under his care for reconstructive surgery after suffering severe sunburn on her face. Whilst under anaesthetic, she also elected to have a neck lift.

Gill explained: “I first thought about cosmetic surgery 10 years ago when my friend had her neck lift. I was very impressed at what I saw and had already considered having surgery on my eyelids but lacked the confidence to go ahead. I have never had aesthetic cosmetic surgery but I turned 70 recently and decided that if I didn’t do it now, I’d never do it.”

After much internet research, Gill found out about the iGuide neck lift and Professor Frame’s expertise in this area. She booked a consultation with him in March 2013 and decided to proceed with surgery.

Gill went on: “When we discussed dates, Professor Frame mentioned  the “International iGuide Advanced Surgical Training Workshop” which was scheduled to take place on 22nd June at The Chelmsford and supported by Anglia Ruskin University. He asked if I would be happy for my surgery to be filmed and shown to surgeons locally via a big screen and internationally via webcam. Being part of an educational workshop led by Professor Frame added an extra dimension to my surgery and I readily agreed.”

Over the last few years, Essex has become synonymous with cosmetic surgery and some of the publicity has not always been positive. Gill’s husband and sons were very sceptical about her coming to the heart of Essex for her cosmetic surgery but she reassured them that she had done her homework and that Chelmsford’s Professor Frame was the right surgeon for the job. “I am 100% comfortable with him and know I am in the hands of an expert who is championing patient safety and ethical standards in the cosmetic industry. I had never been to The Chelmsford but have been bowled over by the warm welcome I have had this week. All the staff have been so friendly and personable. It’s not at all like a hospital - somebody chooses the staff very well! I really feel I am in the best place for my surgery, notwithstanding the fact that Chelmsford is actually my place of birth.”

Gill continued: “Naturally I am a little apprehensive about the surgery but I am excited by the prospect of seeing a new me. It’s heartening to know that not only am I getting a new look today but that my surgery will be viewed by many other cosmetic surgeons across the world and will help educate them in the iGuide technique. ”

Professor Frame led the surgery, very ably assisted by The Chelmsford’s theatre team. After the procedure, Professor Frame commented “Today’s surgery went very well. It was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the iGuide technique to 90 fellow surgeons around the world.”

The iGuide offers an unprecedented minimally invasive technique for neck rejuvenation with minimal incisions and recovery time, and virtually no scarring. For further information, please contact The Chelmsford on 01245 253760. 

Date: 25/06/2013
By: Nicola Douglas