Early morning private GP appointments now available in the city centre

The Chelmsford is delighted to launch its extended private GP services. For many of us, getting an appointment to see our local GP at a time convenient to our busy lives can be challenging. So, if you are one of those people who are too busy to see your GP during surgery hours, want more time to discuss your concerns or would simply like the convenience of choosing your appointment time, you can see a private GP at The Chelmsford in New London Road.

For the convenience of the working person in the city centre, there is now no need to take time off work or arrive late. Appointments are available from 8am each morning including Saturdays and some weekday evenings. A full range of services is available including health screening, medicals, vaccinations as well as the standard consultation.

The GP service at The Chelmsford complements the service you receive from your NHS GP. So, there is no need to register as a patient with us, you can simply book an appointment and use the service on an odd occasion or as often as you want. If you wish, we can send details of the advice we have given and any medication you have been prescribed to your NHS GP for your personal medical records.

To make an appointment please call 01245 253760. 

Date: 24/09/2013
By: Nicola Douglas