A little empathy goes a long way in our MRI suite

One of the most important aspects of our radiographers’ jobs is to put nervous patients at ease when they come in for their MRI scans. A small percentage of our patients suffer from claustrophobia and are therefore nervous about their MRI experience. Our highly experienced and skilled radiographers, Marissa, Xanthe and Shamie, are used to dealing with anxious patients. 

All private patients are called to book their MRI appointments by the Reception team. At this stage, any concerns are voiced and they are given a chance to speak to the radiographers to talk about their concerns about the scan. Worried patients are given the opportunity to come in days before their scan to see exactly what the process involves. This often helps reduce levels of anxiety but we still see worried patients on the day of their scan. We will always take time to explain the procedure, offer for them to have a friend or relative in the room during the scan, and we will speak to them at intervals throughout the scan to check they are feeling ok. Music has a hugely calming effect and we offer a choice of different types of music to listen to during the scan, or patients can bring their own CD’s in to listen to. 

We are attentive to every need and always treat people as individuals, not numbers. Marissa Molines, Imaging Manager, is proud of her team and the extra care they give to ensure every patient feels well cared for: “I have worked in several different diagnostic units throughout my career and I can safely say the level of care we give at The Chelmsford far exceeds anything else I have ever seen. Unfortunately we can do nothing to make the actual scanning process different from other hospitals but we can make a difference to the patient’s overall experience by using our interpersonal skills to make patients feel welcome, at ease and informed. We are really proud of the feedback we have received about this aspect of our work.”

“I would just like to thank everyone involved in the wonderful care that was given to my daughter when she came in for an MRI scan. I would like to thank your radiographer in particular, who was so kind and understanding of the situation. You have a wonderful facility and you really know how to treat people well.”

“All the nurses are cheerful & helpful. The radiographer was fabulous; she put me at ease & was very informative & helpful, thank you!”

Date: 30/04/2013
By: Nicola Douglas