Over 90 cosmetic surgeons worldwide watch live surgery at The Chelmsford

On Saturday 22nd June 2013, The Chelmsford (Private Day Surgery Hospital) hosted the International iGuide Advanced Surgical Training Workshop which was supported by Anglia Ruskin University and attracted over 90 cosmetic surgeons from around the world.

A group of 32 European cosmetic surgeons, from countries including Hungary and Russia, were personally welcomed at The Chelmsford to watch an iGuide neck lift live on a large screen within the hospital. Another 60 surgeons from as far afield as Kuwait, Australia and USA watched the surgery via webcam.  The finale of the training session was a live link with the US Plastic Surgeon who developed the iGuide technique, Dr Greg Mueller, from his Beverley Hills Clinic on Sunset Boulevard.

The iGuide is a minimally invasive surgical technique for redefining the neck and jaw line that produces natural looking results with minimal recovery time. The iGuide was developed by Dr Mueller and is being championed in the UK by Chelmsford’s Professor James Frame.

Professor Frame leads the MSc in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Anglia Ruskin University, the first practice-based qualification in the world to be endorsed by ISAPS (the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). The Anglia Ruskin University holds frequent education and training courses at various locations throughout the United Kingdom.  The Chelmsford works very closely with the university to support fully accredited Plastic Surgeons in developing super specialty skills in cosmetic surgery with an end- qualification (MSc) that the public can identify as evidence of competence in this field.

Trainees on the course are supervised by a group of leading UK-qualified plastic surgeons including Professor Frame. One of those trainees, Mr Kaushik Chakrabarty, is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. He came down to Chelmsford for the workshop to progress his training. He said: “Every surgeon can always learn. I have watched Professor Frame in the operating theatre in the past and workshops like these, when the surgery is being filmed, are a fantastic way of learning. The camera angles have enabled us to see every single incision and we have been able to ask questions as Professor Frame works.”

The patient chosen for the filming was Gill, born in Chelmsford but now living further afield. Just half an hour before going into the operating theatre, she said: “Naturally I am a little apprehensive about my surgery but I am excited by the prospect of seeing a new me. It’s heartening to know that not only am I getting a new look today but that my surgery will be viewed by many other cosmetic surgeons across the world and will help train them in the iGuide technique. ”

The Chelmsford also welcomed Keo Films to the event. The company is keen to produce a fly on the wall TV series for one of the major UK broadcasters about ethical standards in the cosmetic industry. They came to the workshop to shoot footage and interview a number of participants for their pitch to their board of directors.

Peter Cranstone, Managing Director of Eurosurgical who sponsored the event said: “We are delighted to sponsor an event such as this and work with leading cosmetic surgeons to promote the latest surgical techniques and improve the quality of surgery that patients receive. And special thanks to all the staff at The Chelmsford who, as always, have been a pleasure to work with.”

Jill Norman, Hospital Manager at The Chelmsford summed the day up: “It has been a great privilege to host today’s event and to welcome so many international cosmetic surgeons. Professor Frame and I share the same views regarding the importance of patient safety and ensuring high ethical standards in the world of cosmetic surgery and training workshops like these all help further develop knowledge and expertise.”

The Anglia Ruskin University would like to thank the Chelmsford for playing host to such a major international event enabling them to transmit live surgery worldwide.

For more information about cosmetic surgery at The Chelmsford, please go to our website: or call 01245 253760.

Date: 25/06/2013
By: Nicola Douglas