Professor runs world's first degree in cosmetic surgery

A plastic surgeon from Chelmsford has launched the world’s first plastic surgery degree at Anglia Ruskin University,

James Frame, professor of aesthetic plastic surgery hopes the degree will stop the “safari surgery” by cheap foreign surgeons that has disfigured thousands of people.

His team will teach boob jobs, facelifts, nose jobs and many more procedures aimed at clients who wish to pay for cosmetic surgery for non-medical reasons.

“When I was training, the NHS used to offer plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons but now – quite rightly – they only offer it for burns victims and cancer patients and so on,” said Professor Frame, who previously worked at the St Andrew’s Plastic Surgery and Burns Centre, the world-reknowned burns unit that is now on the grounds of Bromfield Hospital.

“Junior doctors are not taught to do cosmetics plastic surgery on the NHS. Three years into a medical degree they sit final exams that allow them to become qualified to do plastic surgery. So doctors totally lacking any experience in an aesthetic plastic surgery are able to operate in the private sector.

He added: “This is one of the reasons behind the PIP fiasco with the public outcry over faulty breast implants – surgeons were accepting something which wasn’t a good product. We need the public to be aware of a surgeon’s qualifications. A surgeon who is going to make half a million pounds per year in the private sector should be prepared to pay and to do a proper degree.

“It’s equally upsetting when people from abroad say they are plastic surgeons when they are not qualified to carry out these sorts of procedures.They come here and put our patients at risk.”

Professor Frame hailed Anglia Ruskin as “the most forward thinking in the UK” with an “amazing facility” that will soon be a leader in all sorts of surgery. Students can enrol in the MSc in plastic and aesthetic surgery practice from September 2012 and overseas surgeons can sign up from 2013. There are other plastic surgery degrees available across the world, but the Anglia Ruskin course is the first to teach in a surgical training environment.

“It will not be an easy course,” said Professor Frame. “If they make a mistake, they fail.”

Professor James Frame consults and operates at Chelmsford Medical Centre. For more information, please call 01245 253760.

Date: 16/05/2012
By: Nicola Douglas