Meet Mr Garrick Georgeu

The star of Mr Garrick Georgeu, one of the most popular and entrusted Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons in Essex, continues to rise.  He currently practices at Chelmsford Medical Centre and is a member of UKAAPS (who only have Plastic Surgeons as members and represent ISAPS within the UK). UKAAPS pride themselves on patient safety and after-care that is second to none. All UKAAPS surgeons perform procedures to the very latest in proven techniques. See for more information.

Mr Georgeu was raised in Cape Town, South Africa where he qualified at the highly regarded University of Cape Town in 1993. He then came to the UK in 1995 for his surgical training. He specialised in plastic surgery and trained exclusively from 1997-2007 at seven different hospitals throughout the UK, including Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

During his 10 year training period, he completed a research degree, wrote 24 clinical papers and a book chapter, and gained his place on the GMC specialist register for Plastic Surgery. In addition, Mr Georgeu has completed 15 months in specialist fellowships in Aesthetic, Breast and Microsurgery, and Trauma Reconstruction in London, Chelmsford and South Africa respectively.

Over the past one and a half years, Mr Georgeu has worked under the mentorship and guidance of Professor James Frame, a highly acclaimed and respected cosmetic surgery professional from the healthcare sector. Professor Frame is the President of UK Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (UKAAPS), an Executive Committee Member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS), Chairman of Committee and the UK National Secretary in the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and a member of American Plastic Surgery associations. He is also Medial Director responsible for the development and continued training of all Harley Street Plastic Surgery surgeons, with control of all products used by them. His patients can be assured of his professionalism and experience and his high standards and work ethos have been adopted by Mr Georgeu. The joint statement recently released by Professor Frame and Mr Georgeu regarding the PIP implant scare sums up their approach to cosmetic surgery:

“We have never used the French PIP Implants as we place patient safety above profits. Although these implants were 3 times lower than the price of the Silimed Pure implants and Mentor Memory Gel implants that we use, we have never considered using them. Rest assured that we put patient safety above all else in every case.”

Although much of the work Mr Georgeu is currently undertaking is in the breast augmentation area, he has other areas of speciality including face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery, body contouring and fillers (Botox).

Read more about what is being said about Mr Garrick Georgeu and Chelmsford Medical Centre at :

“I saw the nurse and Garrick today for my weekly check-up, it all went well and they are happy. I can’t fault the after care of Chelmsford Medical Centre and Garrick.”

“Had the operation yesterday and cannot fault Chelmsford Medical Centre, best decision I made to go there and it was due to my new friend from here that recommended it. Staff were amazing, surgeon and all staff top class. Totally recommend it. “

“Garrick Georgeu seemed so clued up about size and shape. ”

“I am 2 more sleeps away from my operation with Garrick – the £100 to see him was worth every penny. I had 2 hours with him and he was so informative. The nurses and secretary are all very helpful. I also didn’t haggle on the price as it was £1k less than I expected to pay.”

“I had Garrick 4 weeks ago for my breast augmentation and am absolutely thrilled with everything, him, the staff, the hospital, my scars and most of all my boobies.”

“The hospital was small but immaculate. They use the j-frame technique so no drains and minimal scaring. It is a day case surgery (that suited me fine). I thought it would be an insult to haggle on the price as it’s so cheap already and I had saved £5k for the operation so I was already £2k better off. They use implants from the PURE range (this can be Googled and is well worth a read).”

“As soon as I met Garrick I knew he was going to be the one to do my operation and I booked with him there and then. Definitely worth the £100 consultation fee.”

Date: 24/02/2012
By: Nicola Douglas