Efficient and stress-free procedure for Jacqueline

Chelmsford Medical Centre patient, Jacqueline Morgan, is keen for others to know about the excellent care she received recently. Over the past few years, Jacqueline has undergone several medical procedures and endured endless visits to both private and NHS hospitals. She has recently suffered from lower back pain and had a consultation with Dr Victor Mendis, a Pain Management Consultant at Chelmsford Medical Centre.

“My first visit to Chelmsford Medical Centre was a treat compared to other hospitals I had been to – it was totally stress free. The receptionist welcomed me, I was seen by a nurse, taken down to the treatment room and had my procedure under Dr Mendis. When I woke up, there was a nurse present in the room who ensured all was in order and took me to the recovery room. A nurse stayed in the recovery room all the time and nothing was too much for her. She was relaxed, easy going and I developed quite a rapport with her during my time in that room. I was then discharged and went home.

The whole process was so quick, efficient and streamlined and made all the difference to me as a patient. There was no waiting around, no faffing, and all in all it was a much more pleasant experience than anywhere else I have been. All the staff were absolutely fantastic and I was made to feel very special and valued.”

Jacqueline thinks there should be more day centres like this across the country. “When it comes to day procedures, you should not have to go into huge hospitals and endure hours of hanging around waiting to be seen. I will need annual procedures from now on and will definitely opt to go to Chelmsford Medical Centre every time. It would be brilliant if there was a centre like this accessible locally to everyone who may need a day case procedure.”

Date: 05/12/2012
By: Nicola Douglas