Dr Mihaela Carmaciu (f)

General Practitioner

Languages spoken:English, Romanian

Clinical interests:

Ear Microsuction

Training & background:

Ella is an experienced GP who trained in Chelmsford since 1995. She acquired The Diploma in Laryngology and Otology from the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 1996.

Ella is passionate about the health of our ears and would like to see the ears treated as well (or even better!) than eyes and teeth. She was instrumental in establishing the Ear Microsuction Clinics in Primary Care in Chelmsford in 2008 and has seen and treated many thousands of ears since then!

If your ears feel blocked with earwax, foreign bodies (cotton buds, hearing aid pieces, etc), dry skin (psoriasis or eczema) or chronic ear pain due to infections of the ear canals, you might benefit from seeing Dr Mihaela Carmaciu.

Ear Microsuction has always been available in both NHS and Private hospitals, but now this is easily available at The Chelmsford for £80. This covers the private consultation, the ear microsuction for both ears when required, private prescription for ear medication when required and one free follow up appointment when suggested by the doctor.

Ella will see only adults over 18 at The Chelmsford, but she is also happy to see and treat children at a different location in Chelmsford (please contact Tel 0800 310 2200 for children’s ear microsuction appointments).

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