Choosing The Chelmsford

When it comes to your health you deserve the best. At The Chelmsford we are committed to providing first-class independent healthcare for our patients:

  •  Expert, consultant-led care
  •  Friendly, caring staff who treat you like an individual 
  •  Superb facilities with continuous investment in technology
  •  Choose your own appointment time
  •  Little or no waiting times for treatment
  •  High standards of nursing care in a non-hospital environment
  •  Specialised day case procedures
  •  On-site diagnostic services to assist specialist consultants


Can I choose The Chelmsford?

Insured: If you have private medical insurance you should be covered to come to The Chelmsford, as the hospital is accepted by most of the major health insurance providers. For more information           click here.


Self-Funding: You do not have to be insured to come to The Chelmsford as we offer fixed package prices for most of our procedures making it easy for you to pay for your treatment, scan or consultation. For more information click here.

Contact us

For further information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us on 01245 253760 or enquire online here.