Beauty is more than skin deep

Look Good, Feel Good!

By Professor James FrameConsultant Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon and Mr Joe OnwudeConsultant Gynaecologist and Medical Statistician.

Even in health the body continues to age. The skin, the largest organ in the body shows this ageing process all over the body and in the face. In addition, the structures that support the skin of the face also diminish. For example, the bones of the face lose volume, the muscles become thinner and there is a redistribution of fat. 

The combined effects of loss of skin collagen, loss of skin elasticity and inevitably, the presence of gravity means that all parts of the body, including the eyelids, jowls, neck, breasts, arms, hands, belly, buttocks and thighs become less attractive for some women.

It sometimes reaches a point when make-up is not enough to make you look like you want to look or be seen. You might then progress to other treatments including dermal fillers, Botox and skin rejuvenation techniques.


These medical aesthetic treatments require regular replenishments. Over 50,000 women progress to cosmetic surgery each year and on average this occurs after 6 years of medical aesthetic treatments.

The ageing process affects all parts of the body. At the later stage in life, the cells of the body do not regenerate as well and as fast as in earlier years. One single cause of earlier onset ageing in women is the lack of the hormone Estrogen which diminishes during the change of life or ceases in the menopause.

It is well established that Estrogen of HRT prevents the decay that are associated with ageing of menopause in most tissues of the body. In fact, for the skin, Estrogen of HRT promotes essential maintenance of the skin of a woman through the formation of better quality collagen, better skin moisture, improved elastic fibres, and enhanced blood supply to the skin, dampened inflammation and better rate of skin wound healing.

Women who use the correct and safer forms of HRT are less nervous, irritable, anxious, apprehensive and depressed. They are less bothered by joint pains, palpitations, crying spells, weakness, dizziness, severe headaches, loss of memory, chronic indigestion, insomnia, frequent urination, itching of the skin and dryness of eye, nose and mouth.


Apart from the commonly known benefits on hot flushes and night sweats, these women report unexpected benefits to their skin, hair, nails, brain, bones, fat and joints. In particular, they can report vibrant or glowing skin because of better skin tone, texture and elasticity, less dry or flaking skin and less abnormal facial hairs and spots.

These effects have been known for a long time, but not promoted as such because of fears of cancer and thrombosis with HRT. We are now more confident about the correct type of HRT that does not increase these risks.


All in all, because the correct HRT improves the quality of tissues of the body, when skin deep surgical rejuvenating surgery is required, the results are highly successful.  At The Chelmsford Private Day Surgery Hospital, part of Aspen Healthcare, we offer the first combined specialist clinic of holistic women’s health and appearance. 

Please call 01245 253760 for more information or to make an appointment with Professor Frame or Mr Onwude. 

Patient Comments

"After 5 years of coming through the menopause, I noticed that I was removing hair from my hairbrush on a daily basis. After a week of this I started to collect this hair and to my dismay I found that I had collected a freezer bag of hair in 3 days.My GP sent me off for blood tests to see if I had thyroid issues and eventually I saw a private GP who declared that I had Alopecia.  Immediately I saw an eminent dermatologist in London, who gave me steroids and a Minoxidil cream to slather on my head at night.  The steroids lowered my immune system and the cream burnt my head.  Within 2 weeks I lost all the hair on my head, closely followed by eye lashes, eyebrows, leg and arm hair and pubic hair, even my nasal hair disappeared and my finger nails started to flake. This condition is called Alopecia Universalis.​ As you can imagine this was a terribly traumatic time for me and I was shocked that there was no explanation or treatment for the condition.  

At 52, an age where youth had long since departed, it was difficult enough dealing with wrinkles, a sagging body and lack of sex drive - only to be now faced with this horrible disease.

As you can imagine I started to get very depressed and anti-depressants were offered to me.  Luckily a very good friend recommended I visited Joe Onwude, and since that day my life has changed.  Joe did a blood test and the results showed that I had negligible oestrogen in my body.  Joe felt at the time that this may well be the reason why my hair had fallen out as there is a direct correlation between oestrogen and collagen and he recommended implants of Estrogen and Testosterone.

I now have eyelashes again and eyebrows again. I feel very positive about the future of my hair growth and an added bonus is that my skin and nails are in fabulous condition according to my beauty therapist who I have known for years."    Mrs K.G


"I notice when I am due for my HRT implant. I feel tired, my mood is low and I feel irritable and my memory gets poor. My skin feels dry and itchy and I just don’t feel good about myself. The implant seems to give me the boost I need to feel optimistic about myself and my life. I feel I am back in control again and content in my own skin."    Mrs J.C 


"Just a few days after my Oestrogen and Testosterone implants, I start to feel “normal” again. My backache and other inflammation issues subside/disappear. I wake up happy and loving my life again. I can cope much better and my body works at its best, like when I was young.

I have energy to take care of not only myself but others too. I become a better person. It gives me so much hope to think I can get older with life quality and body strength and less disease."    Mrs B.N


"I owe so much to you Joe for completely giving me my life back. When I first came to see you in August 2015 I was very low, exhausted and extremely sad. I had every menopause system on the survey sheet you gave me to peruse and at this time I really thought there was no way forward for me.  How very wrong was I.

Following my HRT implant, changes happened very quickly for me and now after 3 implants I am calmer, happier and actually sleeping the whole night through, with no awful menopause symptoms or disturbances. HRT was always never going to be an option for me due to its bad press but then I met Joe Onwude. You changed my perception with your knowledge and you gained my trust. I now promote you and your miracle ‘implant’ to all my friends."    Mrs E.R

Date: 24/03/2016