Preparation for general anaesthetic

Please do not eat anything from 6hrs before your admission to the hospital. During this time, up to 2 hrs before, you may drink clear fluids such as water, black tea, black coffee or herbal tea, but nothing with milk or fruit juice. Then from 2hrs prior to your admission you must not eat or drink anything. Not even water or the clear fluids listed above. Similarly, please do not consume fizzy drinks, chewing gum or sweets on the day of your admission.

Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Please also bring a pair of socks/slippers and a dressing gown to wear whilst recovering.

Please remove all jewellery (including body piercings), apart from wedding rings and religious items. Please also remove any makeup, nail varnish or false nails.

Unless advised otherwise at your pre-assessment, take your regular medications on the morning of admission. Please only bring the medications you may require during your stay.

For infection control purpose, we ask that you wash in an anti-bacterial soap/gel prior to your surgery.

After your general anaesthetic

Please ensure that a responsible adult accompanies you home and remains with you for 24hrs after your procedure, as you may feel a little drowsy.

For 24hrs please do not:

  • return to work
  •  drive a car, motorbike or cycle (please arrange for someone to drive you home)
  •  operate machinery
  •  drink alcohol
  • sign any legally binding documents.

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